Read what past participants thought of this ground breaking seminar.


I’ve attended Executive Education courses at Kellogg, Harvard, Wharton, and the Value Investing course at Columbia (twice). None hold a candle to this program. The concepts and process are clearly and logically taught. There is no comparison between this course and the one at Columbia. There were no gaps when I left this course as there were with the other. Many thanks for the education and a great experience."

-Chris Storm, Sable Realty, Inc.
 Amarillo, TX, USA


Fantastic class! By far the best and most concise class in value investing out there. There is not another Value investing class that compares. If you want to know about value investing and put it in practice then this is the class for you.

-Michael Rusinas, LPL Financial
 Huntington Beach, CA, USA


“This course has been by far the best course I have taken in my academic pursuits so far, it combines the fundamental concepts of finance, accounting, psychology, economics and human behavior to give you a framework that will guide your investment decisions. I have read many value investing books but nothing compares to the actual application of that knowledge by doing real life valuations. George is the modern day Ben Graham, I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to take the next step in their value investing education.”

-Jas Dhaliwal, University of British Columbia
 Mission, BC, Canada

“I want to thank you for the great opportunity that this seminar represented. I can surely say that for me this was an inspiring and once-in-a-lifetime experience. Warren Buffett, when talking about Benjamin Graham, spoke about men who plant trees for other men to sit under. I think that this description applies to Dr. Athanassakos, too. And I firmly believe that. It's good to see that this world can count on good people like him. I hope one day to be able to contribute to this world the same way he does and I'll work really hard for that.”

-Davide Diana, Individual Investor
 Sassari, Italy

As an individual with a non-finance background, Professor Athanassakos was able to teach in a manner that allowed me to not only become familiar with the language of finance but understand the concepts in a way that I could apply them in a real-life practical fashion. To do this over a semester is one thing, to achieve this within a week truly is amazing and a testament to his teaching abilities. This is by far, one of the best investments I have ever made. I would encourage anyone, with or without a finance degree, interested in investing to attend. The educational value provided by Professor Athanassakos is priceless.

-Jerome Fan, MD, Individual Investor
 Oakville, ON, Canada


This was the best Finance course I have ever taken. From the very first day, it was totally applicable to my job. It fitted perfectly with what I and my company needed. I'm sure more people from my company will attend the course in the future - maybe myself again.

Thanks a lot and congratulations!!!

-Francisco Javier Pérez, March Gestion de Fondos SGIIC
 Madrid, Spain


If you missed the famous value investing course Ben Graham taught at Columbia University, this seminar is the perfect solution: a fast-paced interactive study of both the art and the science of value investing. Dr. Athanassakos  makes the content accessible and useful to an audience comprising both professionals and individual investors, and his passion for the topic is contagious. I’d recommend this course to anyone willing to invest the time and effort. In fact, I think this course should be a mandatory part of the CFA curriculum. Overall, an excellent investment.

-Stephanie Griffiths, CFA, Mackenzie Financial Corporation
 Toronto, ON, Canada


“I want to thank you, not only for the lectures this week, but also for your passion, patience and thoughtfulness. You are not only a great professor, but you are a wonderful person. Many thanks for a memorable week.”

-Nicolas Katsiyiannis, Eight Capital
 Parkland, Florida, USA

“Fantastic!!!!!! This should be mandatory for any/all serious value investors. Intrinsic Value: priceless. Quintessential use of energy, money, and time. THANK YOU George!!!”

-Scott Totten, CIBC Wood Gundy
 Woodstock, Ontario, Canada

“Your unique course has assisted us enormously in managing client portfolios in times of great uncertainty and volatility – we have:

·        Avoided many of the recent precipitous declines, energy, mining, mining services
     and some retailers
·        Been drawn to the better than average opportunities, low PE, low Price to book,
     stocks on new lows
·        Made money in flat market
·        Kept a cool head and been emotionally stable in times of volatility and
·        Seen fantastic new client flow 
·        Seen existing clients coping better with volatility

Your three prong approach of business fundamentals, valuation and decision making has exceeded our expectations.  Your course was the best money I ever invested.”

-Chris Barnard, Private Wealth Management
 Brisbane, Australia

"The seminar was a tremendous experience. I have learned so much. There are several points I wanted to highlight about the value investing seminar:

1. The course is very well organized, there is a good balance between theory and
    practical cases.
2. Coming from a non-finance background, I really appreciated that Dr. Athanassakos
    made the course so interesting and ease to understand.
3. The learning experience is not just from the teaching, but also from the class
    discussion and working with TAs.
4. I really appreciated that we had chance to listen to and talk to our guest speaker,
    from whom I learned the personality traits of a good value investor.
5. This value investing course is a life changing experience for me.

Once again, thank you for all of your efforts and passion to make this happen."

-Bing Feng, Individual Investor
 Toronto, ON, Canada

“From both a professional and personal perspective, I found George’s seminar to truly be one of the most valuable and useful seminars I have ever attended.”

-Greg Owttrim, Riverwood Capital Group
 Mississauga, ON, Canada

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course; it exceeded my expectations. It was very well organized and presented. I found the course to be intense, challenging, and thoroughly engaging. I have received a well founded and clear value investing methodology. I do not think that I could have anticipated that I would receive this level of quality. George delivered, and then some, and then some more. Value? This course is value.”

-Austin Scales, Individual Investor
 Stratford, PEI, Canada

“To suggest that George is somewhat passionate about value investing would be a serious understatement. George communicates his passion and valuation methodology with intensity, humour and academic rigour. His seminar is very intense, the real world examples and case studies are relevant and my new valuation tools have already proven their value.

We have all experienced academics who are rather poor teachers. George is a superb teacher: personable, engaging and funny with many humorous anecdotes & stories. And while George takes value investing seriously, his teaching seriously and his students seriously, he doesn’t take himself too seriously. We had a lot of laughs.

George’s seminar is by far the best professional development course I have ever taken. For serious value investors this seminar is superb value.”

-Bill MacGregor, Individual Investor
 Halifax, NS, Canada

“This is one of the best value investing training that I have ever had with intense and detailed line by line valuation of companies. In addition, Professor Athanassakos is extremely friendly, approachable and passionate about what he does and he is always there to help. I would love to attend his class again. It's a Must-Attend!”

-Chang Kheng Mong (Cayden), Mind Kinesis Investments Pte Ltd

“The seminar gave me exactly what I was looking for - a solid and practical framework to get started in value investing. While there is a lot of literature out there from many smart investors, they often write about the more philosophical aspects of value investing, but George's teaching is much more practical. I wish I had taken his seminar much earlier as it would have kept me from investing with the crowd and lose quite a bit of money along the way. My advice to students is to skip the CFA and take George's seminar as early in your career as possible”.

-Adrian Gmuer, Individual Investor
 Kowloon, Hong Kong

“The Value Investing Seminar with George was a life changing experience. The course provides students with a practical framework for investing which cannot be found anywhere else.”

-Michael Joshua Henderson, University of South Australia
 Glengowrie, Adelaide, Australia


“This course has been once in a life time experience: connections, logical reasoning, investment dynamics and human behavior fill your mind for a week.”

-Simone Ravenna, B.B.R. Generali Italia
 Milan, Italy


“….thank you for a wonderful week in your value investing seminar. I enjoyed it thoroughly.  I feel I spent 7 years being educated in nonsense - when all I ever needed was a week with you! Thanks for a great education.

-Jean-Pierre Salama, Individual Investor
Collaroy, Australia

“Professor I would like to say that I enjoyed the course tremendously. I was not new to value investing coming into the course - but the course was refreshingly 1) practical and 2) advanced / detailed, to enable me to consolidate my application to the field of value investing. And indeed, I have already started using the techniques. To date, this has been the most useful course I have ever attended (and I have attended many - I have a few degrees, and have taken general finance / corporate finance courses, attended many seminars) etc.  I can't say that I walk out of many courses and that I am immediately able to apply and put what I have learnt to work. This is definitely one such course.”

-Himesh Kala, Knight Spring Research
 London, UK

“Thank you for delivery a world class learning experience in Value Investing. It was truly remarkable.”

-Diego Centanni, Husky Energy
 Vancouver, BC
, Canada

“The workshop was a fantastic experience. Dr. Athanassakos’ knowledge is huge and he was able to communicate it in a very simple and captivating way. I brought home not only ideas and concepts but processes and methods that I am already applying in managing our fund.”

-Filippo Buelli, B.B.R. Generali Italia
 Monza, Italy

“It was my genuine pleasure to meet Dr. Athanassakos last week in Toronto. What a great seminar he taught on Value Investing. It is clear that he is a caring and thoughtful 'teacher' who genuinely wishes for his students to learn. For that I am very grateful. I am sure that his seminar will be the one that gives me the highest ROI. In healthcare, outcomes assessment and risk management are key (1) for doctors to continue to add value and (2) for stakeholders to measure the outcomes of healthcare delivery. We assess treatment and measure diagnoses and treatments with both quantitative and qualitative. And Dr. Athanassakos’ teachings about starting a company analysis with 'business and financial risk analysis' resonated with me very much.”

-Irvin Kaw, Individual Investor
 Pasadena, CA, USA

“Thanks to George and his team, this was the best course for someone who is serious about investing. For me it put things in perspective.”

-Richard Kennedy, Individual Investor
 Burford, ON, Canada


“The Value Investing Program offers vital knowledge and has provided me with a practical, sustainable and trustworthy valuation technique to analyze companies. The expertise offered in the Executive Education has broadened my view with crucial insights in both business and investing. I advise everyone who is interested to take the chance and study under the supervision of Dr. George Athanassakos. This program is the cherry on top of the sorbet to develop yourself further in Value Investing!”

-Dajo Hulleman, Erasmus University RSM
 Rotterdam, Netherlands


“I registered for this course wanting to learn more about investments.  What I quickly realized was the seminar was a tremendous investment in itself. This seminar provides the necessary framework to look for undervalued companies, not only from a technical valuation approach, but it also touches on the necessary mental framework to handle the emotional elements of investing.  George has constructed a very special seminar and his enthusiasm for value investing was very evident throughout the course.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in this area.”

-Rahim Murji, Alberta Investment Management Corp.
 Edmonton, AB, Canada


Dr.George Athanassakos engaged and entertained the class through a very challenging week. He provides a systematic approach to Value Investing, a game played using the fundamental rules of economics, real numbers and intelligence. I very much appreciated the humility and personality that George brought to the class, he enjoys what he does! If you're ready to do the work that Value Investing requires, this seminar will be time and money well spent. These 5 days were honestly a thrill for me.

-David Bird, Oak Lake Trading Company Ltd.
 Kimberley, BC, Canada


I thoroughly enjoyed George Athanassakos´ Value Investing Seminar. It was an extraordinary seminar on value investing. It helped me question and revise my own approach, refine my own method, and understand the philosophy and the process more deeply. It was a great occasion to meet, and learn from, like-minded people from the four corners of the world. George´s passion makes you come out feeling almost like the member of a cult...

-Alvaro Vargas-Llosa, Individual Investor
 Washington, D.C., USA


“The course was excellent.  My only regret is waiting 3 years to sign up from my initial interest.  I now have a process to identify true value stocks”

-Trevor Franklin, IG Securities
Whitby, ON, Canada

“Thank you again for the course last week. Having working in equity markets for 25 years it was a real pleasure to have such a unique valuation approach presented clearly and patiently”.

-Roger Collison, DMX Corporation
 Milsons Point, New South Wales, Australia

I found this course of tremendous value - George's teaching style lends itself well to both those with and without a financial background. Further he always made sure that he answered everyone's questions and that we were all across the various concepts before moving on. The course really finds it strength in the group work and case studies as these allowed us to put into practice what we'd been learning and develop a much more robust understanding of the how value a real company works. I'd thoroughly recommend this course to anyone wanting to expand their understanding of value investing and investing more broadly.

-Jason Prowd, Individual Investor
 Canberra, ACT, Australia


This value investing seminar was an invaluable tool in helping me tie together in a quantitative way, all the investing advice provided by some of the great value investors: Ben Graham, Warren Buffet, etc.. Prof. George Athanassakos cuts through all the information to help identify key criteria, critical to company valuation and provides real world examples of how to find, evaluate and purchase companies at a discount to their intrinsic value. I believe this unique Canadian course fills a key educational gap in the value investing field that has not been available since Ben Graham. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in becoming a true value investor.”

-Mike Kazmaier, Individual Investor
 Guelph, ON, Canada


I was just gushing about how absolutely outstanding the value investing seminar was to a friend of mine. I told him "If you are serious about value investing this is the only place to be. The seminar begins with a gentle slope, quickly progresses to a steep slope and a great summit! You couldn't ask for more."

My objective in attending was to get a mechanism to calculate valuation in a systematic way. The course structure built to a fine crescendo in accomplishing this objective. The combination of small group work sessions and MBA presenters helped to make it a very practical learning experience. This course should be attended by all who have a serious interest in investing.

A piece of advice to those attending in the future: To get the maximum benefit, you must do all of the pre-work prior to attending. And you must come prepared to work during the week. Of equal importance, you also have to leave prepared to do more work. Concepts are (as Buffett says) simple but require discipline and a body of work built over the years. Having said that, for those with the value gene, the work is play.

An unexpected bonus was the opportunity to meet others with a value bent. The diverse backgrounds and experience made for interesting discussion both inside and outside the classroom. Thanks for a first rate experience.

-Bob Stiles, RBC Dominion Securities Inc.
 Toronto, ON, Canada


Simply Great. All the books tell you how to think but don’t actually help you practise valuation all that much. Warren Buffett has said that if he taught a business class all he would spend his time on is teaching how to value companies. Well, George does an excellent job in helping you learn and apply all the concepts taught by showing how it’s done in practise, not just in theory. This course is a life changing experience...

This course was so helpful I am actually thinking of taking it again!”

-Kyle Holmes, Riverside Capital
 Saskatoon, SK, Canada


George’s enthusiasm and passion for investing and teaching made the seminar an extremely enjoyable experience. The seminar was more beneficial than any other course I took during my four years in university.

-Mark Piotrowski, CAI Capital Management Co.
 Toronto, ON, Canada


I've been through many finance courses, including an MBA in Finance and the CFA program, but I have never seen anything as valuable and practical as George Athanassakos’ Value Investing Course. It provides an excellent investment framework for value investors. I look forward to future courses offered by Dr. Athanassakos.

-Constantin Cosereanu, Bloomberg L.P.
 New York, NY, USA


It was an absolute pleasure to be in George's class for this year’s value investing seminar. His infectious enthusiasm and knowledge was a treat and made the seminar every enjoyable.

After reading the traditional value investing books, I was unsure of how to apply methods to everyday situations. Although an intense week, the seminar gave a step by step process on how evaluate companies and what things to consider when applying the process. The course was fabulous and Dr. Athanassakos did a tremendous job.

-Arif Dostmohamed, Individual Investor
 West St. Paul, MB, Canada


Finally a course that offers investors an approach to calculating intrinsic value in a consistent manner along with the rationale used in coming up with that valuation.  I have read many value investing books, but this course does what all the books don’t – It gives you details on how to approach valuations with real world examples.

-Enrico Visentini, Muccone Holdings Inc.
 Toronto, ON, Canada


“George does a terrific job in explaining in simple terms the main concepts and practicalities of value investing. He is an excellent teacher and manages to bring together knowledge from various academic areas to explain value investing; his passion for the subject is contagious.

Although one does not need to be a professional investor to attend the course, a basic knowledge of accounting and finance is assumed. The course starts from an explanation of the concepts and the philosophy of value investing, before moving to the quantitative and qualitative aspects of valuing a company. One also carries out in groups their own valuations of case studies, aided by experienced staff. There is a very collegiate, friendly and supportive atmosphere throughout the course and the case studies, which aids learning. But the course is demanding and requires own studying time to benefit the most from it.

If you are interested in value investing and look for a course to learn and be able to apply the concepts, then that's the one for you!”

-Ioannis Ignatiadis, Karlsruhe Institute of Technologu
 Linkenheim-Hochstetten, Germany

Thanks for being my professor/mentor for the Value Investing Seminar at Ivey Business School at UWO this summer. The course was very intense and a wonderful learning experience. One of the most difficult parts of value investing is determining the value of a particular company at a point in time. The only way to learn is by actually doing the valuation which is exactly what we did with your help and guidance. No book or CD could replace the valuable feedback we received as we worked through the process multiple times. Given the confidence I now have in my valuation skills, I would say that this course has turned out to be a great value! Thanks for your patience and guidance. Thanks for introducing me to so many great people with like-minded goals. My advice to would-be attendees: this course is not a light-hearted romp through value investing. It is a serious and rigorous seminar on determining company value and using a margin of safety to profit from a mismatch between calculated value and Mr. Market's opinion. If that's what you want to learn, I can't imagine a better course from a better professor.

-Dr. Frank Fornasier, Individual Investor
 St. Catharines, ON, Canada


I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar. I have read Security Analysis, Value Investing and the Intelligent Investor. George very clearly tied together the concepts of NAV, EPV and the valuation of growth. An added bonus is that I have come away with ideas that will take me years to farm and harvest. 

I now feel that I have a very sound foundation to be able to value any stock on any market anywhere in the world. What I need now is practice, practice, practice.

George has given me a sustainable competitive advantage. If only he would stop teaching the course...

-David Odaguchi, Business Advisors Inc.
Toronto, ON, Canada


This course added a new level of sophistication for me as a value investor. George's academic theory furthered my understanding and opened new doors. It is my firm belief that individuals coming into the seminar with an entrenched value philosophy, backgrounds in accounting, finance, and industry will benefit the most. For others, you might just become a convert! Be prepared to dedicate 12-13 hours a day to value investing once the case studies start. My day included 6 hours for class and the entire evening to discuss and prepare for the following day's case in a group. It's no cake walk. Those with the drive will draw the most benefit.

-Garrett Chan, Individual Investor
 Edmonton, AB, Canada


“George's passion and knowledge for value investing brings the class to life with very logical explanations for his investing and valuation methods. The seminar is also an excellent way to meet other like-minded investors from around the world. I would recommend this opportunity to anyone who has an interest in managing their investments, and highly recommend this to anyone interested in the value investing philosophy.”

-Eric Luo, Individual Investor
 Toronto, ON, Canada

To any potential student of value investing, I would attest to the great value that George’s seminar offers.

-Corrado Geloso, Dr. C. Geloso Medicine Professional Corp.
 Peterborough, ON, Canada


Thanks again for a fascinating week, a great course indeed. I have been applying the concepts with success already.

-Kieran Clarke, Individual Investor
 Beamsville, ON, Canada


The seminar was excellent! What I was looking for, and I obtained from the course, was a proper step-by-step methodology for the valuation of stocks. I had read a number of books about the topic, but none of them provided a well defined process which could be put in to practice. The seminar was thus very useful and practical in this respect and filled this gap perfectly!

-Jimmy Desai, Individual Investor
 Ottawa, ON, Canada


This is the way investing should be done–period. Thank you George for your valuable seminar.”

-Nicole Crawford, Summerhill Capital Management
 Toronto, ON, Canada


A key element to implement Value Investing" successfully, is to have a sound valuation method.

George's seminar provides a step by step and thorough valuation approach consistent with the "Value Investing" premises.”

-Dante Albertini, MDS Funds
 Lima, Peru


George’s Value Investing Seminar helped me develop a greater appreciation of the hard work and discipline that portfolio managers need to use in valuing securities. The seminar participants were a very interesting and diverse group of investors. The breakout groups were well put together and the whole Seminar was very professional. I would recommend the Seminar to any serious investor and would emphasize that there is a lot of work to be done in preparation for and during the Seminar.”

-Patrick O'Neill, CIBC Wood Gundy Inc.
 London, ON, Canada


It is often overlooked that the key to success in investing is not to loose money.  How not to loose money is a function of an investor's ability to evaluate downside risk. The Graham-Dodds body of knowledge is the best intellectual framework to protect investors against downside risk. Serious investors need to master these notions, and George's five day seminar is a great format to start us off in this journey. We can see George is passionate about teaching, he is highly competent and dedicated to his students. I have no hesitation in recommending this seminar.”

-Stéphane Préfontaine, Prefontaine Capital Inc.
 Montreal, QC, Canada


“I've read many articles and books on the theory behind Value Investing, but none of them showed me the quantitative, and deeper qualitative analysis needed for proper valuation.  George did just that!  By giving me a solid framework, not only can I apply the principles behind the value discipline, I can also calculate the numbers, all while understanding how they both tie in together.  As an added plus to the seminar, you will also meet some great people.  Everyone at the seminar, including George, his MBA students, and fellow classmates, were extremely helpful and pleasant in and out of class.  I highly recommend participating in this seminar!”

-Alberto Alderete, Individual Investor
 Laredo, TX, USA


“As an investment professional, I find one of the most challenging aspects of valuation is estimating the cost of capital. As any financial professional can attest to, the cost of capital can drastically impact any valuation. Finance academics use “beta” from the Capital Asset Pricing Model (“CAPM”), but this method has many problems. ….. I have read countless books on investing and valuation and the ones that try to offer an alternative to CAPM suggest methods akin to licking your thumb and raising it above your head into the air. With no satisfactory alternative, I have used up to three different types of betas in my relentless pursuit in finding a holy grail. Sometimes, my CAPM results provide me with laughably low estimates and, other times, eye brow raising high estimates.

George instead provided us with an intuitive and empirical framework in estimating the cost of capital. What I learned in George’s seminar has provided me with a more sensible method which I am confident will improve my valuation work going forward.”

-Howard Ma, Raymond James Ltd.
 Victoria, BC, Canada

“Professor Athanassakos’ Value Investing Seminar is the best course an inspiring investor can take regardless one's investment skills.  The course reviews the value investing philosophy.  It gives a logical and theoretical framework for one to synthesize value investing methodologies practiced by successful value investors into one's own investment methodology.  Furthermore, the course provides a rigorous methodology for security valuation which one can adopt and modify to specific investment analysis within one's own circle of competency. In addition to the excellent course, the participants also bonded through the case project analysis and discussions. It was definitely an exciting five day experience.

I highly recommend the Value Investing Seminar for everyone who wants to improve his/her investment results.”

-Wancheng Zhao, Altria Group
 Glen Allen


The course brought a great insight on value investing. There was an equal balance between theory and practice on the subject of value investing making the approach effective. It was a pleasure to meet George who made a complex subject so simple. As such, the seminar on value investing is so rare that there is actually nothing to compare it to. Keep up the good work."

-Kosta Segounis, National Bank of Canada
 Montréal, QC, Canada

"Dr. Athanassakos puts a lot of work, energy and enthusiasm into teaching his seminars. I know we all learned a tremendous amount and many of us are diligently working on applying our new learning. I personally found the course very helpful and motivational. Dr. Athanassakos truly helped me put a structural and analytical approach behind my philosophical understanding of value investing. My sincerest thanks for that.

-Russ Anderson, Individual Investor
 Chapel Hill, NC, USA


“Thank you for the wonderful and insightful approach to teaching us the art of value investing. I have been a research analyst (or managing research) for most of my life having worked with firms like McKinsey & Co. and various other Investment Banks (via outsourced research). I caught the value investing bug several years ago and have devoted many hours reading all that is available out there. Your course helped pull it all together in a nice framework. I am now quite excited about applying your framework within the Indian context on my personal portfolio.

Once again...thank you.”

-Joseph Alexander, Individual Investor
 Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


I enjoyed attending the seminar and consider myself lucky to have learnt from Dr. Athanassakos. The seminar was well balanced between teaching and doing, and it definitely helped us gain the right perspective on the whole approach."

-Vamsi Parchuri, Individual Investor
 Hyderabad, India


“Thanks again for the great week in Toronto! It’s worth every penny spent! And that means something, since, as value investor yourselves, you probably know how reluctantly you get parted from your money.”

-Stefan Riesen, The Compound Interest Investment Management AG
 Vaduz, Principality of Liechtenstein

It was a great learning and enjoyable week, finally being able to value a business with confidence. I have been reading many books which stated the theory but this course used that theory and applied it to real world cases - could not have done it without George, thank you!"

-Nithi Chansrichawla, Individual Investor
 Bangkok, Thailand


It was a great pleasure to attend the seminar.  From now on, I will try to put in place the knowledge Dr.  Athanassakos gave us."

-José Méndez Roth, March Gestión de Fondos
 Madrid, Spain

“I found the course very useful for enriching my theoretical framework to assess value, which was complimented well with the specific tasks involved to perform valuation. Dr. Athanassakos' methodology, in both performing and teaching valuation, is logical and delivered with good humour. Thanks George!”

-Rob Bisbicis, Investors Group
 Vancouver, BC, Canada

The course was totally worth it. As an analyst and portfolio manager, I am certain that my analysis will be much more accurate going forward as a result of the Seminar. Furthermore, the practical cases undertaken in the break out groups and in class helped me consolidate the theory taught by Dr. Athanassakos in the first two days, and thus helped me make more sense out of investing.

-Albert Garrido Grau, Andbank Asset Management
 Escaldes Engordany, Andorra


“The course was remarkably valuable and I have already begun working on companies for analysis using the methodology taught.”

Frank Aiello
, Individual Investor
 Toronto, ON, Canada


"The five-day seminar is indeed intense and mentally stimulating. The course not only taught me about the value investing theory and mindset, but also presented me the concrete value investing valuation process. For me, taking the course is a right value investing decision!"

-Kevin Sun, BMO Financial
 Toronto, ON, Canada

The Value Investing Seminar not only provided me practical tools to apply in my investment selections, but also helped me better understand the important principles of value investing. The concepts became so clear to me after I sat through the seminar. Very good session!"

-Susan Guan, Individual Investor
 Toronto, ON, Canada

"I came to the seminar with high expectations on screening for value and understanding valuations from the value investors’ perspective. I wasn't disappointed! George delivers the seminar from first value investing principles to portfolio management in a very interactive manner with real life cases. My co-adventurers also brought a global view to value investing. Course is highly recommended for those wanting to know in depth about value investing."

-Toni Ofuya, Individual Investor
 Calgary, AB, Canada

“The seminar helped me to acquire a more detailed structure and framework for my valuation calculations. The mix of theory and practical examples taken up in class and in break out groups were very helpful. I wished I had attended this seminar years ago.”

-Allan Hanson, Arcinvest
 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

“I found the course to be well supported in theory and, more importantly, to be one that teaches the practical application of that theory. This is definitely a course that gives back as much as you put in.”

-Fred Feistmann, Individual Investor
 Kamloops, BC, Canada


“This is an excellent course for anyone who is interested in learning how to invest properly. Professor Athanassakos is a wonderful teacher.”

-Varun Dutt, INSEAD


A great value investing seminar - It was definitely worth it!

-Caroline Allard, Allard, Allard & Associés
 Montréal, QC, Canada

"Very enjoyable and helpful Seminar. It has been very fulfilling."

-Michael J. Swartz, Individual Investor
 Akron, OH, USA


“If you wish to deepen your understanding of valuing companies from a “value investing” perspective, I highly recommend taking this hands-on seminar. Professor George Athanassakos does an excellent job explaining the value investing approach. He then makes you roll up your sleeves and delve into the work of valuation through case studies of actual companies. As a result, you will immediately apply what you learn and obtain enormous practical value from the seminar”.

-Walter Lehman, Individual Investor
 Dundas, ON Canada

A thought provoking excellent seminar.

-Stephen Lieff, Royal York Capital
 Ottawa, ON, Canada


The seminar was both enjoyable and inspirational. It was a wonderful experience. Professor George Athanassakos taught the concept of value investing and valuation approaches with passion. His lectures were very detailed and informative. I definitely recommend this course to anyone who commits to be a successful value investor.

-Pornchai Rattananontachaisook, Individual Investor
 Bangkhen, Thailand


I really enjoyed the class and I thought it was a great learning experience. I am beginning to use the technique of evaluation that George presented in class...

-William deGroot, KPMG LLP
North York, ON, Canada


Dr. Athanassakos delivered the material in an organized and enthusiastic manner. I would (and have) recommended this seminar to others in the asset management industry.

-Greg Dowdall, Burgandy Asset Management
 Toronto, ON, Canada


Reading through many value investing books gave me a good concept. But after the seminar, I learned the process and was given the tools to apply my valuation approach to companies. I also met others who share the same interest and intensity on value investing. Overall, a great ROI seminar.

-Arthur Mui, Individual Investor
 Newton, MA, USA


I thoroughly enjoyed the class and learned a tremendous amount during the week I spent at the seminar.  Thanks again for a great week."

-Larry Waxman, Waxman Consumer Products Group
 Bedford Heights, OH, USA

Although I am very firm with the Value Investing philosophy and have been breathing Value Investing over many years, as an economist, I had a lack of doing the valuation stuff. Your Value Investing course was very helpful on that issue and I really appreciated it. So, many thanks for all!"

-Kristian Kahler, DZ Bank
 Frankfurt, Germany

A great course."

-Scott Semple, Amber Holdings Inc.
 Canmore, AB, Canada

“Many thanks for providing the course last week. Truly excellent value.”

-Grahame Rose, Individual Investor
 Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, UK

"Thanks for teaching the course, George. I enjoyed it very much and learned a lot. It was great connecting with the seminar classmates, as well."

-Eric Earle, Mentor Portland LLC
 Portland, OR, USA