Seminar on Value Investing and the Search for Value

May 30 - June 3, 2022

Dr. George Athanassakos is offering a highly sought after five-day Seminar on Value Investing and the Search for Value to finance executives, finance professionals,
portfolio managers, financial analysts and individual investors seeking knowledge of value creation, valuation and value investing theory and practice.

Mr. Jeffrey D. Stacey, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Stacey Muirhead Capital Management, Waterloo, ON, Canada will be a guest speaker on June 3, 2022.


Value investing is not only about investing. It also defines a person
and their lifestyle – patience, discipline, humility, integrity and long run
thinking are character traits of value investors that not only lead to good
investing results but also to a balanced and long life.”

Dr. George Athanassakos
Professor of Finance & Ben Graham Chair in Value Investing
Founder & Managing Director, Ben Graham Centre for Value Investing