“I thoroughly enjoyed the Value Investing Seminar offered by Dr. Athanassakos. Learning from Dr. Athanassakos was like drinking from the proverbial fire hose! By the end of the week, I felt energized and excited about the prospects of taking my learning to the next level. One piece of advice I would offer to future students is to make sure you brush up on introductory Accounting, and Finance prior to the Seminar. Secondly, to get the most value out of the course, make sure you start preparing at least 3 months in advance and complete all the assigned readings and assignments. If you do this, you will derive the greatest value from the Seminar”.
Amin Jagani,
Alpha Gainvest, Inc.

Richmond Hill, ON, Canada

“First and foremost, Dr. George Athanassakos genuinely and passionately imparts his extensive knowledge of value investing. Warren Buffett’s mantra—to understand a company—is easier said than done, but Dr. George’s analytical framework has guided me in doing just that. I highly recommend serious investors and executives to learn from Dr. George. His seminar will likely shift your perspective on value investing, value creation, and value seeking. Once again, I can’t thank Dr. George enough for distilling decades of research and experience into this invaluable seminar.”

-Hao Le,
Education Director, Le’s Academy
Mississauga, ON, Canada

“I really enjoyed George’s teaching, which offers a unique blend of academic rigor and the philosophy of value investing. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants a thorough understanding of why value investing works and rigorous treatment of valuation techniques.”
-Haoyu Qi,
Individual Investor
Moncton, NB, Canada

“A sound and comprehensive hands-on theory-based approach thought by a knowledgeable and thoughtful team within an environment conductive to learning. A recipe for success for anyone interested in value investing.”

-Pierre Hadaya,
Professor, UQAM
Greenfield Park, QC, Canada

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