The Center, which was formally established in 2008, focuses on educating future business leaders and investors in the investment style made popular by Benjamin Graham in the early 1930’s, referred to as Value Investing. The Center preserves the thoughts, ideas, valuation and stock selection methodologies and investing philosophies of value investors, especially those of investment icons such as Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, Irving Kahn, Walter Schloss, Seth Klarman, Michael Price, Charles Brandes, and others.

One can read many books and articles on value investing, but none of them shows the reader how to carry out a proper valuation based on the value investing principles. The Center, through its seminars, provides a framework of application of value investing that is intuitive, qualitative and quantitative and enables participants to not only learn, but also understand how to value a company and make an investment decision. The Center is unique in that it offers an education that includes not only the practice, but also the theory of value investing and an understanding of the connection between value investing and traditional valuation. Investors worldwide are the beneficiaries of this rich educational Center.

The vision of the center is three fold:

First, to develop future business leaders via executive education and executive development programs. It is open to professionals and executives, as well as individual investors interested in value investing. The Center also includes cases, books and readings, a library with video of value investor lectures and a number of databases ranging from Canadian value investing funds to bond and equity screeners and company financials and financial market statistics.

Second, to develop intellectual capital by promoting academic and practitioner research and papers published and at the working paper stage, as well as those academics and practitioners carrying out research in the field.

Third, to spread the word about value investing to the broader community that includes both academics and practitioners via the offering of value investing seminars.