“Professor Athanassakos provides a whole new perspective on classical concepts that I had taken for granted at university such as beta, the cost of capital, growth and the residual value. Professor Athanassakos illuminated this new perspective with the use of excellent cases and thereby showed during the seminar how value investing can be put in practice.  The seminar was an invaluable experience and I highly recommend it.”
-Christophe Behiels, Individual Investor
Hove, Antwerp, Belgium

“This course was invaluable for bringing solid and practical investing knowledge to the participants. It was a pleasure to meet Professor George Athanassakos who taught us effectively and answered our questions readily. The value investing theory and valuation approach took root in my mind that I would enjoy the benefit all my life. I would strongly recommend this course to those wishing to gain comprehensive insight into value investing.”
-Potter Chan, Individual Investor
Hong Kong

“George has become a world renowned professor in the field of value investing. He is one of maybe a handful of educators in the world whose students go on to work with famous value investors in the real world. I loved this course and I feel honoured I had to take it. If you want to learn how to truly value a business, I highly recommend this seminar.”
-Bob Graham, CEO
Event Temple
Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Professor Athanassakos course goes beyond financial modeling in thinking through a business valuation. The course provides you with a framework to think through business valuations.   The professor is quite engaging as he traverses from Ben Graham’s Net Net’s to modern-day Buffet’s Growth/Franchisee investing schools of thought. These are exemplified with some real-life case studies and examples that cement one’s understanding of the concepts.  The guest lecturer session was insightful in understanding the mindset of some of the best global investors out there.    I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would highly recommend it to those who are contemplating it.”
-Pawan Kaul, Senior Analyst
Lacuna Vermogen,
Toronto, ON, Canada

“Professor Athanassakos’ Value Investing Seminar is a high quality and well-organized didactic course that covers the history and philosophy of value investing and teaches an evidence-based approach to valuation and equity analysis that is applicable to companies worldwide. The seminar would be appreciated by both seasoned value investors as well as beginners with basic accounting knowledge”
-Gil Kimel, UBC Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine
St. Paul’s Hospital
Vancouver, BC, Canada

“The course content was invaluable! I had studied value investing on my own for years and had dabbled here there to some success but always felt I was lacking a true rigorous model to follow.  Many books would give pieces of the puzzle here and there but I never found anything comprehensive.  Then I came across Dr. Athanassakos’ course and thought this could be just what I was looking for. Prior to the seminar, I was really nervous about my lack of finance/accounting background, but I knew that’s exactly what I needed to dive into.  While the course is heavy on that material, it is presented in a knowable manner and all within a framework and philosophy that is easy to understand.  This course has something to offer to the seasoned vet and the novice alike.  The class atmosphere created by George, his team, and the students were phenomenal!”
-Justin Love, Realtor®/Associate Broker
Value Plus 3% Real Estate Inc.
Vernon, BC, Canada

“This seminar gave an optimal foundation to Value Investing for me. I have always wanted to learn Value Investing for professional and personal well-being. However, I did not have a framework and network to fall back. This class certainly offered both. Prof. Athanassakos content, based on his academic research and industry knowledge, spoke to this need. His affable teaching style made the course further engaging. To me, he and my classmates have given me a model, framework, and education for life. Could not have been happier in choosing this program!!!”
-Anna Ramanathan, Director of Administration
Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University
Augusta, GΑ, USA

“Thank you for the wonderful nine days of the Value Investing Seminar.  The quality of teaching, the depth of knowledge and the frameworks were value packed!  For me it was a transformational experience. Not only did we receive a “guided tour” of the value investing frameworks, but also the opportunity to apply it in practice through the case studies – and that combination helped me to move beyond knowing to intuitively understanding – which I think is crucial in a field like investing where situations may not repeat but do rhyme. After the intensive coaching under Professor Athanassakos, I feel more confident of my ability to analyze companies using the value investing frameworks. Beyond just the usual frameworks there was time spent on understanding the important fundamental drivers of value, inflation and such were also very valuable tools taught in this excellent course.  Thank you Professor Athanassakos for your commitment and efforts in sharing this knowledge with us your student.  With the warmest regards and sincere gratitude.”
-Chirag C Shah, Marketing Director
Samsung Electronics
Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea

“Great seminar!  Professor Athanassakos does a super job of providing both theory and practical advice on the topic of Value Investing. His use of real world case studies helps pull everything together. Thanks a ton for another great seminar. Fantastic job George!!!”
-Michael Slaunwhite, Individual Investor
Orleans, ON, Canada

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