“I had a fantastic experience with the value investing seminar. I joined the seminar because I had struggled to find a way to meaningfully understand the financials of companies and to assess their true value. My ignorance in this respect had become a barrier to going deeper with my investments. I was drawn to value investing because it closely paralleled my outlook on life. The value investing seminar was exactly what I needed! I left the course feeling like I had new wings! (i.e., an approach for understanding companies that I had always been looking for.) Thank you Dr. Athanassakos for sharing your extensive work with us in an engaging and practical way.  Thank you again for everything. The course was well worth the wait.”
-Andrew Brown, Principal
A.R.B. Law
Toronto, ON, Canada

“Professor Athanassakos has done a remarkable job at boiling down the value investing principles into a methodology for investing. He has developed a system that can be learned and replicated. The course is not a walk in the park and the student must come prepared for a lot of work. Whether you are an individual investor, a professional money manager, or someone who has no experience investing, this course will teach you the complete value investing methodology, from theory to practice, by understanding how to identify undervalued stocks that will give you a “Margin of Safety”, when to buy and, when to sell. This is the complete system boiled down into a week’s course. I cannot recommend this course enough and feel honored to have been part of it.”
-Alfonso Garcia de la Parra, Individual Investor
Kelowna, BC, Canada

“The seminar was everything I thought it would be, being able to spend 5 days with George, was truly a pleasure. His passion for value investing came through in every lesson.”
-Pouya Fattahi, Investment Advisor
BMO Nesbitt Burns
Toronto, ON, Canada

“It was a great seminar, and I learned a lot. I was amazed by George’s systematic approach to using the NAV, EPV, ROIC-1, ROIC-2 and ROIC-3. I will definitely use the method for valuing companies in the future.”
-Ulf Geerds, President
CVG Management Inc.
Calgary, AB, Canada

“It was a great class and a privilege to learn from Dr. Athanassakos.”
-Jeffrey Hamm, Portfolio Manager
Van Biema Value Partners, LLC
New York, NY, USA

“It was a great week!”
-Janie Healey, Associate, Fundamental Equities
Alberta Investment Management Corporation
Edmonton, AB, Canada

“Professor Athanassakos does a great job presenting practical investing knowledge while teaching an invaluable and fully comprehensive approach to value investing and valuation. I came to the seminar without a background in finance. This initially made me slightly apprehensive. However, the course is delivered in a step-by-step framework, making it easy to digest, for any level of background knowledge. I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and could not recommend it enough!”
-Evan Xynnis, Individual Investor
Toronto, ON, Canada

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