This page includes information on the center’s executive development program. The Executive Education program builds on the principles developed by Benjamin Graham in the early 30’s and teaches value investing, its theory and application to real world, as well as traditional valuation and how it links to value investing valuation. The objectives of the program are reached through a combination of formal lectures, discussions and presentations of valuation reports, as well as presentations by leading value investors. The first part of the program deals with building the value investing and general valuation skills, while the second part with the application of these skills to value real life companies based on the principles learned in the first part. The value investing skills learned in the program are augmented from the presentations that leading value investors make in the seminars.
This page also includes information on cases and teaching material and promotes, names and gives email contacts of all individuals who have taken the executive education program in value investing at the Center for the Advancement of Value Investing Education.

Executive Education Program
Value Investing Cases