“With two years gone by, having taken the Seminar in 2017, I can unequivocally say it was the best investment I’ve ever made in my life. It’s made me a lot of money!”
– Eric Earle, Mentor Portland LLC
Portland, OR, USA

“Probably the best Value Investing Seminar in the world. But be prepared, as it is not a walk in the park.”
– Miguel V. Freitas, Quimifértil SGPS, SA
Lisbon, Portugal

“Probably the best Value Investing Seminar in the world. But be prepared, as it is not a walk in the park.”
– Miguel V. Freitas, Quimifértil SGPS, SA
Lisbon, Portugal

“The CAVIE Value Investing Seminar was an extraordinary professional experience. Filled with practical advice, professor George Athanassakos masterfully guided students through the nuts and bolts of company valuation with a truly focus on value, but without omitting the most advanced subtleties of the valuation exercise. I would recommend the Seminar to anyone who is deeply interested in value investing with common sense.”
– Mauricio Heck, MFM Websites LLC
Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Very helpful seminar, even if you hold several professional qualifications, such as CFA or CPA. Prof. Athanassakos takes his time to answer all the questions and explain value investment approach in detail. We have learned the theory and most importantly we have done several cases (including growth businesses) using a value investment framework and an Excel model, which I can apply going forward to validate my own investment ideas. Highly recommended.”
– Alexander Horn, Individual investor
Vienna, Austria

“If you are an individual investor that prefers to manage your own money then this value investing course is essential. For the average investor, the depth of analysis in this course may be intimidating but, if you are committed to doing the work, this will be one of the best investments you will ever make. George Athanassakos guides you through a comprehensive process to value investing and gives you the critical tools and skills needed to confidently manage your own financial portfolio. Thank you George!”
– Zoran Kocovski, ZK Holdings Corp.
Toronto, ON, Canada

“Professor Athanassakos demystifies the process of finding undervalued securities and, in such a short period of time, manages to clearly outlay the methods of finding Graham-style undervalued stocks and Buffett-style quality stocks. He provides opportunities to gain hands-on experience by applying the methods on real companies and discussing the outcomes. I have left the Seminar excited about the value-opportunities waiting to be discovered. Great class and a great experience! If you want to learn more about value investing and be able to apply it right away, this seminar is for you.”
– Silvana Mansard, Manulife
Toronto, ON, Canada

“The Seminar is truly a ‘value investment’ by itself. Even if one is familiar with the cash flow based valuation methodology, this course will add value to your investment toolkit. It is intense, but enjoyable and Prof. Athanassakos does a great job in bringing together the valuation methodology with the strategic context of a firm.”
– Vijay Sarathi, Individual investor
Bangalore, India

“I had an excellent time at the Seminar. First, I was extremely impressed by how international the composition of the group was with the majority of attendees coming from outside of Canada. That alone showed me how well respected the program is internationally. As for the content, it was an intense session where we covered off a tremendous amount of material. Having seen various valuation methods, I was highly impressed with the logical process Professor Athanassakos put together for valuing businesses. I found the material tremendously useful and the case studies for small Canadian corporation quite relevant. I plan to recommend the program to several friends and colleagues.”
– Jason Uppal, Individual Investor
Edmonton, AL, Canada

“Thank you for the seminar, it was a game changer for me!”
– Gavin Yeoman, Chubby Group
Spruce Groove, AB, Canada

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