“Your unique course has assisted us enormously in managing client portfolios in times of great uncertainty and volatility – we have:
• Avoided many of the recent precipitous declines, energy, mining, mining services
and some retailers
• Been drawn to the better than average opportunities, low PE, low Price to book,
stocks on new lows
• Made money in flat market
• Kept a cool head and been emotionally stable in times of volatility and
• Seen fantastic new client flow
• Seen existing clients coping better with volatility
Your three prong approach of business fundamentals, valuation and decision making has exceeded our expectations. Your course was the best money I ever invested.”
– Chris Barnard, Private Wealth Management
Brisbane, Australia

“Thank you for delivery a world class learning experience in Value Investing. It was truly remarkable.”
-Diego Centanni, Husky Energy
Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Thank you again for the course last week. Having working in equity markets for 25 years it was a real pleasure to have such a unique valuation approach presented clearly and patiently”.
– Roger Collison, DMX Corporation
Milsons Point, New South Wales, Australia

“The course was excellent. My only regret is waiting 3 years to sign up from my initial interest. I now have a process to identify true value stocks”
– Trevor Franklin, IG Securities
Whitby, ON, Canada

“The seminar gave me exactly what I was looking for – a solid and practical framework to get started in value investing. While there is a lot of literature out there from many smart investors, they often write about the more philosophical aspects of value investing, but George’s teaching is much more practical. I wish I had taken his seminar much earlier as it would have kept me from investing with the crowd and lose quite a bit of money along the way. My advice to students is to skip the CFA and take George’s seminar as early in your career as possible”.
– Adrian Gmuer, Individual Investor
Kowloon, Hong Kong

“The Value Investing Seminar with George was a life changing experience. The course provides students with a practical framework for investing which cannot be found anywhere else.”
– Michael Joshua Henderson, University of South Australia
Glengowrie, Adelaide, Australia

“Professor I would like to say that I enjoyed the course tremendously. I was not new to value investing coming into the course – but the course was refreshingly 1) practical and 2) advanced / detailed, to enable me to consolidate my application to the field of value investing. And indeed, I have already started using the techniques. To date, this has been the most useful course I have ever attended (and I have attended many – I have a few degrees, and have taken general finance / corporate finance courses, attended many seminars) etc. I can’t say that I walk out of many courses and that I am immediately able to apply and put what I have learnt to work. This is definitely one such course.”
– Himesh Kala, Knight Spring Research
London, UK

“….thank you for a wonderful week in your value investing seminar. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I feel I spent 7 years being educated in nonsense – when all I ever needed was a week with you! Thanks for a great education.”
– Jean-Pierre Salama, Individual Investor
Collaroy, Australia

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