“The workshop was a fantastic experience. Dr. Athanassakos’ knowledge is huge and he was able to communicate it in a very simple and captivating way. I brought home not only ideas and concepts but processes and methods that I am already applying in managing our fund.”
– Filippo Buelli, B.B.R. Generali Italia
Monza, Italy

“Thanks for teaching the course, George. I enjoyed it very much and learned a lot. It was great connecting with the seminar classmates, as well.”
– Eric Earle, Mentor Portland LLC
Portland, OR, USA

“The seminar was a tremendous experience. I have learned so much. There are several points I wanted to highlight about the value investing seminar:
1. The course is very well organized, there is a good balance between theory and
practical cases.
2. Coming from a non-finance background, I really appreciated that Dr. Athanassakos
made the course so interesting and ease to understand.
3. The learning experience is not just from the teaching, but also from the class
discussion and working with TAs.
4. I really appreciated that we had chance to listen to and talk to our guest speaker,
from whom I learned the personality traits of a good value investor.
5. This value investing course is a life changing experience for me.
Once again, thank you for all of your efforts and passion to make this happen.”
– Bing Feng, Individual Investor
Toronto, ON, Canada

“The course was totally worth it. As an analyst and portfolio manager, I am certain that my analysis will be much more accurate going forward as a result of the Seminar. Furthermore, the practical cases undertaken in the break out groups and in class helped me consolidate the theory taught by Dr. Athanassakos in the first two days, and thus helped me make more sense out of investing.”
– Albert Garrido Grau, Andbank Asset Management
Escaldes Engordany, Andorra

“The Value Investing Program offers vital knowledge and has provided me with a practical, sustainable and trustworthy valuation technique to analyze companies. The expertise offered in the Executive Education has broadened my view with crucial insights in both business and investing. I advise everyone who is interested to take the chance and study under the supervision of Dr. George Athanassakos. This program is the cherry on top of the sorbet to develop yourself further in Value Investing!”
– Dajo Hulleman, Erasmus University RSM
Rotterdam, Netherlands

“I came to the seminar with high expectations on screening for value and understanding valuations from the value investors’ perspective. I wasn’t disappointed! George delivers the seminar from first value investing principles to portfolio management in a very interactive manner with real life cases. My co-adventurers also brought a global view to value investing. Course is highly recommended for those wanting to know in depth about value investing.”
– Toni Ofuya, Individual Investor
Calgary, AB, Canada

“This course has been once in a life time experience: connections, logical reasoning, investment dynamics and human behavior fill your mind for a week.”
– Simone Ravenna, B.B.R. Generali Italia
Milan, Italy

“The five-day seminar is indeed intense and mentally stimulating. The course not only taught me about the value investing theory and mindset, but also presented me the concrete value investing valuation process. For me, taking the course is a right value investing decision!”
– Kevin Sun, BMO Financial
Toronto, ON, Canada

“Very enjoyable and helpful Seminar. It has been very fulfilling.”
– Michael J. Swartz, Individual Investor
Akron, OH, USA

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