“This seminar was by far the best seminar I have ever taken. George is the kind of person who makes you improve any minute he speaks. The clarity of ideas and the depth and breadth of the topics discussed, in my opinion, are impossible to find concentrated in that format anywhere else. Thanks very much for the seminar, George.”
-Guillermo González Rodríguez, Individual Investor
Vigo, Spain

“Almost all information out there on value investing is qualitative and very general, but George shows you the quantitative and the specifics. It is my second time joining the seminar, and I have new found appreciation for the material. It’s definitely worth taking more than once (the first class has already paid for itself). Not to mention George is a great teacher whose knowledge of value investing lends practicality and soundness to the subject.”
-Herman Liu, Individual Investor
Hong Kong

“I have been in the financial industry for 22 years and have been a licensed Portfolio Manager for the past 4 years. I’ve always had a bias toward the principles of value investing. As such, I participated in the Seminar on Value Investing as taught by Dr. George Athanassakos in 2016. I feel the course was definitely worth the time and cost. Dr. Athanassakos does a tremendous job of explaining the inner workings of corporate valuation (based on the timeless methods of Graham and Dodd), in a way that is both relevant and interesting. He is an excellent teacher, and I would highly recommend the course to anyone interested in enhancing their understanding – and application of – value investing.”
-Scott M. Yates, Raymond James Ltd.
Calgary, AB, Canada

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