“A key element to implement “Value Investing” successfully, is to have a sound valuation method. George’s seminar provides a step by step and thorough valuation approach consistent with the “Value Investing” premises.”
-Dante Albertini, MDS Funds
Lima, Peru

“This is the way investing should be done–period. Thank you George for your valuable seminar.”
-Nicole Crawford, Summerhill Capital Management
Toronto, ON, Canada

“Simply Great. All the books tell you how to think but don’t actually help you practise valuation all that much. Warren Buffett has said that if he taught a business class all he would spend his time on is teaching how to value companies. Well, George does an excellent job in helping you learn and apply all the concepts taught by showing how it’s done in practise, not just in theory. This course is a life changing experience… This course was so helpful I am actually thinking of taking it again!”
-Kyle Holmes, Riverside Capital
Saskatoon, SK, Canada

“This value investing seminar was an invaluable tool in helping me tie together in a quantitative way, all the investing advice provided by some of the great value investors: Ben Graham, Warren Buffet, etc. Prof. George Athanassakos cuts through all the information to help identify key criteria, critical to company valuation and provides real world examples of how to find, evaluate and purchase companies at a discount to their intrinsic value. I believe this unique Canadian course fills a key educational gap in the value investing field that has not been available since Ben Graham. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in becoming a true value investor.”
-Mike Kazmaier, Individual Investor
Guelph, ON, Canada

“George’s Value Investing Seminar helped me develop a greater appreciation of the hard work and discipline that portfolio managers need to use in valuing securities. The seminar participants were a very interesting and diverse group of investors. The breakout groups were well put together and the whole Seminar was very professional. I would recommend the Seminar to any serious investor and would emphasize that there is a lot of work to be done in preparation for and during the Seminar.”
-Patrick O’Neill, CIBC Wood Gundy Inc.
London, ON, Canada

“George’s enthusiasm and passion for investing and teaching made the seminar an extremely enjoyable experience. The seminar was more beneficial than any other course I took during my four years in university.”
-Mark Piotrowski, CAI Capital Management Co.
Toronto, ON, Canada

“It is often overlooked that the key to success in investing is not to loose money. How not to loose money is a function of an investor’s ability to evaluate downside risk. The Graham-Dodds body of knowledge is the best intellectual framework to protect investors against downside risk. Serious investors need to master these notions, and George’s five day seminar is a great format to start us off in this journey. We can see George is passionate about teaching, he is highly competent and dedicated to his students. I have no hesitation in recommending this seminar.”
-Stéphane Préfontaine, Prefontaine Capital Inc.
Montreal, QC, Canada

“Finally a course that offers investors an approach to calculating intrinsic value in a consistent manner along with the rationale used in coming up with that valuation. I have read many value investing books, but this course does what all the books don’t – It gives you details on how to approach valuations with real world examples.”
-Enrico Visentini, Muccone Holdings Inc.
Toronto, ON, Canada