“This course added a new level of sophistication for me as a value investor. George’s academic theory furthered my understanding and opened new doors. It is my firm belief that individuals coming into the seminar with an entrenched value philosophy, backgrounds in accounting, finance, and industry will benefit the most. For others, you might just become a convert! Be prepared to dedicate 12-13 hours a day to value investing once the case studies start. My day included 6 hours for class and the entire evening to discuss and prepare for the following day’s case in a group. It’s no cake walk. Those with the drive will draw the most benefit.”
-Eric Earle, Mentor Portland LLC
Portland, OR, USA

“Thanks again for a fascinating week, a great course indeed. I have been applying the concepts with success already.”
-Kieran Clarke, Individual Investor
Beamsville, ON, Canada

“I’ve been through many finance courses, including an MBA in Finance and the CFA program, but I have never seen anything as valuable and practical as George Athanassakos’ Value Investing Course. It provides an excellent investment framework for value investors. I look forward to future courses offered by Dr. Athanassakos.”
-Constantin Cosereanu, Bloomberg L.P.
New York, NY, USA

“The seminar was excellent! What I was looking for, and I obtained from the course, was a proper step-by-step methodology for the valuation of stocks. I had read a number of books about the topic, but none of them provided a well defined process which could be put in to practice. The seminar was thus very useful and practical in this respect and filled this gap perfectly!”
-Jimmy Desai, Individual Investor
Ottawa, ON, Canada

“It was an absolute pleasure to be in George’s class for this year’s value investing seminar. His infectious enthusiasm and knowledge was a treat and made the seminar every enjoyable. After reading the traditional value investing books, I was unsure of how to apply methods to everyday situations. Although an intense week, the seminar gave a step by step process on how evaluate companies and what things to consider when applying the process. The course was fabulous and Dr. Athanassakos did a tremendous job.”
-Arif Dostmohamed, Individual Investor
West St. Paul, MB, Canada

“Thanks for being my professor/mentor for the Value Investing Seminar at Ivey Business School at UWO this summer. The course was very intense and a wonderful learning experience. One of the most difficult parts of value investing is determining the value of a particular company at a point in time. The only way to learn is by actually doing the valuation which is exactly what we did with your help and guidance. No book or CD could replace the valuable feedback we received as we worked through the process multiple times. Given the confidence I now have in my valuation skills, I would say that this course has turned out to be a great value! Thanks for your patience and guidance. Thanks for introducing me to so many great people with like-minded goals. My advice to would-be attendees: this course is not a light-hearted romp through value investing. It is a serious and rigorous seminar on determining company value and using a margin of safety to profit from a mismatch between calculated value and Mr. Market’s opinion. If that’s what you want to learn, I can’t imagine a better course from a better professor.”
-Dr. Frank Fornasier, Individual Investor
St. Catharines, ON, Canada

“To any potential student of value investing, I would attest to the great value that George’s seminar offers.”
-Corrado Geloso, Dr. C. Geloso Medicine Professional Corp.
Peterborough, ON, Canada

“I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar. I have read Security Analysis, Value Investing and the Intelligent Investor. George very clearly tied together the concepts of NAV, EPV and the valuation of growth. An added bonus is that I have come away with ideas that will take me years to farm and harvest. I now feel that I have a very sound foundation to be able to value any stock on any market anywhere in the world. What I need now is practice, practice, practice. George has given me a sustainable competitive advantage. If only he would stop teaching the course…”
-David Odaguchi, Business Advisors Inc.
Toronto, ON, Canada

“I was just gushing about how absolutely outstanding the value investing seminar was to a friend of mine. I told him “If you are serious about value investing this is the only place to be. The seminar begins with a gentle slope, quickly progresses to a steep slope and a great summit! You could not ask for more. My objective in attending was to get a mechanism to calculate valuation in a systematic way. The course structure built to a fine crescendo in accomplishing this objective. The combination of small group work sessions and MBA presenters helped to make it a very practical learning experience. This course should be attended by all who have a serious interest in investing. A piece of advice to those attending in the future: To get the maximum benefit, you must do all of the pre-work prior to attending. And you must come prepared to work during the week. Of equal importance, you also have to leave prepared to do more work. Concepts are (as Buffett says) simple but require discipline and a body of work built over the years. Having said that, for those with the value gene, the work is play. An unexpected bonus was the opportunity to meet others with a value bent. The diverse backgrounds and experience made for interesting discussion both inside and outside the classroom. Thanks for a first rate experience.”
-Bob Stiles, RBC Dominion Securities Inc.
Toronto, ON, Canada

“I’ve attended Executive Education courses at Kellogg, Harvard, Wharton, and the Value Investing course at Columbia (twice). None hold a candle to this program. The concepts and process are clearly and logically taught. There is no comparison between this course and the one at Columbia. There were no gaps when I left this course as there were with the other. Many thanks for the education and a great experience.”
-Chris Storm, Sable Realty, Inc.
Amarillo, TX, USA

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