“The seminar was both enjoyable and inspirational. It was a wonderful experience. Professor George Athanassakos taught the concept of value investing and valuation approaches with passion. His lectures were very detailed and informative. I definitely recommend this course to anyone who commits to be a successful value investor.”
-Pornchai Rattananontachaisook, Individual Investor
Bangkhen, Thailand

“A great value investing seminar – It was definitely worth it!”
-Caroline Allard, Allard, Allard & Associés
Montréal, QC, Canada

“I’ve read many articles and books on the theory behind Value Investing, but none of them showed me the quantitative, and deeper qualitative analysis needed for proper valuation. George did just that! By giving me a solid framework, not only can I apply the principles behind the value discipline, I can also calculate the numbers, all while understanding how they both tie in together. As an added plus to the seminar, you will also meet some great people. Everyone at the seminar, including George, his MBA students, and fellow classmates, were extremely helpful and pleasant in and out of class. I highly recommend participating in this seminar!”
-Alberto Alderete, Individual Investor
Laredo, TX, USA

“Dr. Athanassakos puts a lot of work, energy and enthusiasm into teaching his seminars. I know we all learned a tremendous amount and many of us are diligently working on applying our new learning. I personally found the course very helpful and motivational. Dr. Athanassakos truly helped me put a structural and analytical approach behind my philosophical understanding of value investing. My sincerest thanks for that.”
-Russ Anderson, Individual Investor
Chapel Hill, NC, USA

“Dr.George Athanassakos engaged and entertained the class through a very challenging week. He provides a systematic approach to Value Investing, a game played using the fundamental rules of economics, real numbers and intelligence. I very much appreciated the humility and personality that George brought to the class, he enjoys what he does! If you’re ready to do the work that Value Investing requires, this seminar will be time and money well spent. These 5 days were honestly a thrill for me.”
– David Bird, Oak Lake Trading Company Ltd.
Kimberley, BC, Canada

“I really enjoyed the class and I thought it was a great learning experience. I am beginning to use the technique of evaluation that George presented in class…”
-William de Groot, KPMG LLP
North York, ON, Canada

“Dr. Athanassakos delivered the material in an organized and enthusiastic manner. I would (and have) recommended this seminar to others in the asset management industry.”
-Greg Dowdall, Burgandy Asset Management
Toronto, ON, Canada

“This is an excellent course for anyone who is interested in learning how to invest properly. Professor Athanassakos is a wonderful teacher.”
-Varun Dutt, INSEAD

“As an individual with a non-finance background, Professor Athanassakos was able to teach in a manner that allowed me to not only become familiar with the language of finance but understand the concepts in a way that I could apply them in a real-life practical fashion. To do this over a semester is one thing, to achieve this within a week truly is amazing and a testament to his teaching abilities. This is by far, one of the best investments I have ever made. I would encourage anyone, with or without a finance degree, interested in investing to attend. The educational value provided by Professor Athanassakos is priceless.”
– Jerome Fan, MD, Individual Investor
Oakville, ON, Canada

“A thought provoking excellent seminar.”
-Stephen Lieff, Royal York Capital
Ottawa, ON, Canada

“As an investment professional, I find one of the most challenging aspects of valuation is estimating the cost of capital. As any financial professional can attest to, the cost of capital can drastically impact any valuation. Finance academics use “beta” from the Capital Asset Pricing Model (“CAPM”), but this method has many problems. ….. I have read countless books on investing and valuation and the ones that try to offer an alternative to CAPM suggest methods akin to licking your thumb and raising it above your head into the air. With no satisfactory alternative, I have used up to three different types of betas in my relentless pursuit in finding a holy grail. Sometimes, my CAPM results provide me with laughably low estimates and, other times, eye brow raising high estimates. George instead provided us with an intuitive and empirical framework in estimating the cost of capital. What I learned in George’s seminar has provided me with a more sensible method which I am confident will improve my valuation work going forward.”
-Howard Ma, Raymond James Ltd.
Victoria, BC, Canada

“Reading through many value investing books gave me a good concept. But after the seminar, I learned the process and was given the tools to apply my valuation approach to companies. I also met others who share the same interest and intensity on value investing. Overall, a great ROI seminar.”
-Arthur Mui, Individual Investor
Newton, MA, USA

“I registered for this course wanting to learn more about investments. What I quickly realized was the seminar was a tremendous investment in itself. This seminar provides the necessary framework to look for undervalued companies, not only from a technical valuation approach, but it also touches on the necessary mental framework to handle the emotional elements of investing. George has constructed a very special seminar and his enthusiasm for value investing was very evident throughout the course. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in this area.”
-Rahim Murji, Alberta Investment Management Corp.
Edmonton, AB, Canada

“From both a professional and personal perspective, I found George’s seminar to truly be one of the most valuable and useful seminars I have ever attended.”
-Greg Owttrim, Riverwood Capital Group
Mississauga, ON, Canada

“Fantastic class! By far the best and most concise class in value investing out there. There is not another Value investing class that compares. If you want to know about value investing and put it in practice then this is the class for you.”
-Michael Rusinas, LPL Financial
Huntington Beach, CA, USA

“I thoroughly enjoyed George Athanassakos´ Value Investing Seminar. It was an extraordinary seminar on value investing. It helped me question and revise my own approach, refine my own method, and understand the philosophy and the process more deeply. It was a great occasion to meet, and learn from, like-minded people from the four corners of the world. George´s passion makes you come out feeling almost like the member of a cult…”
-Alvaro Vargas-Llosa, Individual Investor
Washington, DC, USA

“Professor Athanassakos’ Value Investing Seminar is the best course an inspiring investor can take regardless one’s investment skills. The course reviews the value investing philosophy. It gives a logical and theoretical framework for one to synthesize value investing methodologies practiced by successful value investors into one’s own investment methodology. Furthermore, the course provides a rigorous methodology for security valuation which one can adopt and modify to specific investment analysis within one’s own circle of competency. In addition to the excellent course, the participants also bonded through the case project analysis and discussions. It was definitely an exciting five day experience. I highly recommend the Value Investing Seminar for everyone who wants to improve his/her investment results.”
-Wancheng Zhao, Altria Group
Glen Allen, VA, USA

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