“The course was remarkably valuable and I have already begun working on companies for analysis using the methodology taught.”
-Frank Aiello, Individual Investor
Toronto, ON, Canada

“Thank you for the wonderful and insightful approach to teaching us the art of value investing. I have been a research analyst (or managing research) for most of my life having worked with firms like McKinsey & Co. and various other Investment Banks (via outsourced research). I caught the value investing bug several years ago and have devoted many hours reading all that is available out there. Your course helped pull it all together in a nice framework. I am now quite excited about applying your framework within the Indian context on my personal portfolio. Once again…thank you.”
-Joseph Alexander, Individual Investor
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

“I found the course very useful for enriching my theoretical framework to assess value, which was complimented well with the specific tasks involved to perform valuation. Dr. Athanassakos’ methodology, in both performing and teaching valuation, is logical and delivered with good humour. Thanks George!”
-Rob Bisbicis, Investors Group
Vancouver, BC, Canada

“I found the course to be well supported in theory and, more importantly, to be one that teaches the practical application of that theory. This is definitely a course that gives back as much as you put in.”
-Fred Feistmann, Individual Investor
Kamloops, BC, Canada

“If you missed the famous value investing course Ben Graham taught at Columbia University, this seminar is the perfect solution: a fast-paced interactive study of both the art and the science of value investing. Dr. Athanassakos makes the content accessible and useful to an audience comprising both professionals and individual investors, and his passion for the topic is contagious. I’d recommend this course to anyone willing to invest the time and effort. In fact, I think this course should be a mandatory part of the CFA curriculum. Overall, an excellent investment.”
-Stephanie Griffiths, CFA, Mackenzie Financial Corporation
Toronto, ON, Canada

“This was the best Finance course I have ever taken. From the very first day, it was totally applicable to my job. It fitted perfectly with what I and my company needed. I’m sure more people from my company will attend the course in the future – maybe myself again. Thanks a lot and congratulations!!!”
-Francisco Javier Pérez Fernández, March Gestion de Fondos SGIIC.
Madrid, Spain

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course; it exceeded my expectations. It was very well organized and presented. I found the course to be intense, challenging, and thoroughly engaging. I have received a well-founded and clear value investing methodology. I do not think that I could have anticipated that I would receive this level of quality. George delivered, and then some, and then some more. Value? This course is value.”
-Austin Scales, Individual Investor
Stratford, PEI, Canada

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