“This is one of the best value investing training that I have ever had with intense and detailed line by line valuation of companies. In addition, Professor Athanassakos is extremely friendly, approachable and passionate about what he does and he is always there to help. I would love to attend his class again. It’s a Must-Attend!”
-Chang Kheng Mong (Cayden), Mind Kinesis Investments Pte Ltd

“I want to thank you for the great opportunity that this seminar represented. I can surely say that for me this was an inspiring and once-in-a-lifetime experience. Warren Buffett, when talking about Benjamin Graham, spoke about men who plant trees for other men to sit under. I think that this description applies to Dr. Athanassakos, too. And I firmly believe that. It’s good to see that this world can count on good people like him. I hope one day to be able to contribute to this world the same way he does and I’ll work really hard for that.”
-Davide Diana, Individual Investor
Sassari, Italy

“George does a terrific job in explaining in simple terms the main concepts and practicalities of value investing. He is an excellent teacher and manages to bring together knowledge from various academic areas to explain value investing; his passion for the subject is contagious. Although one does not need to be a professional investor to attend the course, a basic knowledge of accounting and finance is assumed. The course starts from an explanation of the concepts and the philosophy of value investing, before moving to the quantitative and qualitative aspects of valuing a company. One also carries out in groups their own valuations of case studies, aided by experienced staff. There is a very collegiate, friendly and supportive atmosphere throughout the course and the case studies, which aids learning. But the course is demanding and requires own studying time to benefit the most from it. If you are interested in value investing and look for a course to learn and be able to apply the concepts, then that’s the one for you!”
-Ioannis Ignatiadis, Karlsruhe Institute of Technologu
Linkenheim-Hochstetten, Germany

“It was my genuine pleasure to meet Dr. Athanassakos last week in Toronto. What a great seminar he taught on Value Investing. It is clear that he is a caring and thoughtful ‘teacher’ who genuinely wishes for his students to learn. For that I am very grateful. I am sure that his seminar will be the one that gives me the highest ROI. In healthcare, outcomes assessment and risk management are key (1) for doctors to continue to add value and (2) for stakeholders to measure the outcomes of healthcare delivery. We assess treatment and measure diagnoses and treatments with both quantitative and qualitative. And Dr. Athanassakos’ teachings about starting a company analysis with ‘business and financial risk analysis’ resonated with me very much.”
-Irvin Kaw, Individual Investor
Pasadena, CA, USA

“George’s passion and knowledge for value investing brings the class to life with very logical explanations for his investing and valuation methods. The seminar is also an excellent way to meet other like-minded investors from around the world. I would recommend this opportunity to anyone who has an interest in managing their investments, and highly recommend this to anyone interested in the value investing philosophy.”
-Eric Luo, Individual Investor
Toronto, ON, Canada

“To suggest that George is somewhat passionate about value investing would be a serious understatement. George communicates his passion and valuation methodology with intensity, humour and academic rigour. His seminar is very intense, the real world examples and case studies are relevant and my new valuation tools have already proven their value. We have all experienced academics who are rather poor teachers. George is a superb teacher: personable, engaging and funny with many humorous anecdotes & stories. And while George takes value investing seriously, his teaching seriously and his students seriously, he doesn’t take himself too seriously. We had a lot of laughs. George’s seminar is by far the best professional development course I have ever taken. For serious value investors this seminar is superb value.”
-Bill MacGregor, Individual Investor
Halifax, NS, Canada

“Thanks again for the great week in Toronto! It’s worth every penny spent! And that means something, since, as value investor yourselves, you probably know how reluctantly you get parted from your money.”
-Stefan Riesen, The Compound Interest Investment Management AG
Vaduz, Principality of Liechtenstein

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